We All Have a Gift

My momma (age 17)

Having a conversation with my mother a few months ago, she questioned whether or not she possesses any talents. I was in shock. How could she not know or realize her talents and the gifts God gave her (all of us). In the image above she actually made that outfit she’s wearing. She could sew anything. As a kid she made tote bags that we’d all sell at the flea market on the weekends. I’ve witnessed her reupholstering the couch when we couldn’t afford a new one, even taking apart our ATARI, VCR and other household appliances to fix them. She taught my daughter to read music and play the piano. She’s built working structures out of lego’s and now there’s a show that airs where that skill has apparently become somewhat of a trend. My mother is the most disciplined person I know when it comes to finances as well as other aspects of her life. Although she has struggled in many areas due to limited education; literacy especially, she’s always been an extremely determined individual. She’d always tell us, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. So I’d like all my readers to help me cheer her along with a little something she seems to be very proud of that she wrote many years ago. I can definitely appreciate it due to many ocassions of pondering over and idea or trying to solve a problem while my thoughts are evrywhere. When she found it recently , reading it to me again, I asked for her permission to share it with all of you. Please show her some love!!!

Drowsy Thoughts

Lying in bed just before going to sleep is the worst time for organized thinking, it is the best time for free thinking. Ideas drift like clouds in an undecided breeze, taking first this direction and then that.

By Effie “Joanna” Johnson

Published by 5thgenerationgirl

Tammy Wynette is a mother of three and a β€œG-MA” (grandma). Born in Warren, Arkansas, she currently resides in Sacramento, CA and is pursuing an AA degree in English at American River College, with plans to transfer to California State University, Sacramento (Sac State). She is an active leader and role model in her community, she works with teens sharing and teaching poetry, as well as providing insight for young parents to prosper. She has certificate from NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Illness) and is a trailblazer & Griot, keeper of stories/traditions passed down from her ancestors. As an Author and motivational speaker it’d be an honor to present at your events to inspire, encourage & let our VOICES be heard! She has short stories and poems published in Our Black Mothers Brave, Bold and Beautiful!

53 thoughts on “We All Have a Gift

  1. That is a wonderful series of thoughts your mom created. Pass our kudos to her! 😊

    And your mom was beautiful! What a nice outfit she made and nicely accessorized with the belt. πŸ‘

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  2. πŸ’œ SPECIAL!!! Very SPECIAL!!! EveryOne; reminds Us ALL to Appreciate and NOT!!! Take For Granted


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  3. This is a wonderful piece and your mother is truly gifted and that quote of where there’s a will there’s a way is symbol of that spirit of inner strength and gift that we all have been bestowed upon. Thank you for sharing this piece with us.

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  4. You know Tammy, so many incredibly talented women like your mother were never recognized or encouraged to maximize their gifts and talents, to help them take it to the next level. My mother, like yours mastered sewing, out of necessity. To monetize some of those incredible crafty things that your mom is doing, is something to look into girlfriend. She could have a side hustle going on! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸΌ

    Your mother is a beautiful lady and you can tell she’s got some serious swag going on! πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ₯°πŸ‘ΈπŸ½

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    1. Lol, thank you. That’s why I was in tears when she said she didn’t have a talent. I never had patience for sewing. Also why the book I’m working on is to honor her & let her know I love and forgive her. Thanks Kym!

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  5. What an incredible woman, and so talented! I love what she wrote. I chuckled when I read it as one of the methods I use to get to sleep is to do math problems…..puts me right to sleep πŸ™‚

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    1. Exactly, I felt it was something many could relate to. I used to wonder why there were always numbers stained in the corner of her sheets after washing them and later learned it was because she was up nights figuring out how and what bills could be paid.

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      1. Wow! I’m so looking forward to a new timeline of Oneness and Abundance, the end of economic slavery and so much inequality. We were designed for so much more.

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