Dealing With Disagreement

Daily Devotional (Jan. 6th, 2022)

The social media powerhouse Twitter created a platform where people all over the world express opinions in short sound bites. In recent years, however, this formula has become more complex as individuals have begun to leverage Twitter as a tool to reprimand others for attitudes and lifestyles they disagree with. Log on to the platform on any given day, and you’ll find the name of at least one person “trending.” Click on that name, and you’ll find millions of people expressing opinions about whatever controversy has emerged.

We’ve learned to publicly criticize everything from the beliefs people hold to the clothes they wear. The reality, however, is that a critical and unloving attitude doesn’t align with who God has called us to be as believers in Jesus. While there will be times when we have to deal with disagreement, the Bible reminds us that as believers we’re to always conduct ourselves with “compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience” (Colossians 3:12). Instead of being harshly critical, even of our enemies, God urges us to “bear with each other and forgive one another if [we have] a grievance” (v. 13).

This treatment isn’t limited to the people whose lifestyles and beliefs we agree with. Even when it’s difficult, may we extend grace and love to everyone we encounter as Christ guides us, recognizing that we’ve been redeemed by His love.


Heavenly Father, I know I fall short of Your glory every day. Thank you for Your unconditional love. Help me strive to be more like You by being patient and gentle with others.

I originally had planned on a different post and yet this is the third week I’ve put it off because I haven’t been able to structure the writing correctly. It feels as if I’m either rambling or missing the key points that I want to convey. So, I decided to share this. I love “Our daily Bread” because of its simplicity in the way it breaks down the message, making it easier for me to grasp the knowledge. Although I start my days by reading the entries; as I have for probably more than fifteen or so years every once in a while, a passage will speak to me so loudly that I can’t ignore it. There I times when it may relate directly to me or to someone else I care about and feel obligated to share. God Bless!!

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Tammy Wynette is a mother of three and a “G-MA” (grandma). Born in Warren, Arkansas, she currently resides in Sacramento, CA and is pursuing an AA degree in English at American River College, with plans to transfer to California State University, Sacramento (Sac State). She is an active leader and role model in her community, she works with teens sharing and teaching poetry, as well as providing insight for young parents to prosper. She has certificate from NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Illness) and is a trailblazer & Griot, keeper of stories/traditions passed down from her ancestors. As an Author and motivational speaker it’d be an honor to present at your events to inspire, encourage & let our VOICES be heard! She has short stories and poems published in Our Black Mothers Brave, Bold and Beautiful!

43 thoughts on “Dealing With Disagreement

  1. I think the world is very polarized and social media, such as Twitter, has made it so easy to fall into “echo chambers” and to attack others without consequence. I’ve had to scale back my social media consumption because it’s become so toxic. It’s actually been great having done so!

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    1. Although these platforms like Facebook & Instagram are still new for me, I completely agree with you. Some of the things I’ve seen others post & what media reports is sad. I don’t understand why people would want to feed off of negative energy.

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  2. People! We are a sad, pitiful bunch indeed. Darkness.
    Thanks for the post. Let’s keep spreading light no matter what.
    If we don’t no one will. And then we’ll all expire.
    Bless you. Stay in the light my friend so I know where to find you always, my sweet. I wish you miracles. xo

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  3. I love this! I’m not real active on Twitter, because the algorithm and how it shows me tweets drives me crazy. Nevertheless, I see the same things on Facebook. I have been trying to be a positive voice on social media for several years, now, and have even ventured into the black hole that is Tik Tok. Trying to start a Love Revolution. ❤

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    1. I know what you mean. The platforms I do use (FB & Instagram) I’m still becoming familiar with. Never tried that twitter or TikTok & don’t plan to. I try my best to keep a positive attitude & encourage every chance I get.

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  4. What a beautiful arrangement of thoughts and reflections Tammy! 🙏🏼 I love the way you connect your heart and soul to these daily devotionals and studies, and know that consequences can be costly when you do something you clearly know is not right. People are committing such atrocious acts a lot, and think it’s funny. Sadly, such individuals turn social channels that were initially intended to be used as a good medium, into a platform for their warped actions. But oh when the tables get turned, I wonder how they will truly feel.

    It’s disgusting! 😠 Thanks for sharing such a spiritually moving reflection my dear! I agree with all of the thought-provoking points you made. 🎯👏🏼💯 Have a FANtabulous day my dear!!! 🌞🤗🥰

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    1. This message spoke to me & I felt I should share it. Even though it doesn’t relate to my experiences directly ( at least not regarding the avenue of technology), but I know people who continue to be on both ends of the madness.

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      1. Well QT, I think you presented this message authentically and tastefully. It’s always good to show your myriad of sides to connect more to ordinary, everyday people like me! Thanks for that girlfriend!!! 🌞🙏🏼🤗💐😘💖💋

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      2. Girl, you always know how to brighten my day! 🌞 I appreciate you so much QT. I’m so glad to be a part of your orbit, and not just for the compliments either! LOL 😜💖🙏🏼 Have the most delightful evening ever!!! 🌙 Hugs and smooches always!!! 🤗💋😘

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  5. ‘conduct ourselves with “compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience”’

    That reminds of something that I wrote in the margin of my Big Book; not the Bible, my big book of AA…

    If I can’t be sensible, tactful, considerate and humble, I need to keep my mouth shut.

    Thanks again for sharing your faith and thoughts 🙂

    -Matt The Happy Human 🙂


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