The Prayer of Jabez

I’d like to share my first read of the new year! Recently, during my weekly bible studies, I learned about the story of Jabez. Although barely mentioned throughout the bible, Jabez’s prayer itself is insightful especial for those like me who struggle with how to pray. It also answered many questions I’ve had in my life regarding prayer. Many of you may already know, it was my child 6th Generation girl who first taught me about prayer at the age of 4. For some reason, after all these years I’ve always felt as if I wasn’t doing it right. Admittedly, I was the one always secretly praying at the dinner table that I wouldn’t be the one called on to say grace, lol. I sincerely recommend this book for anyone who struggles with prayer. In the meantime, below you will find Four powerful prayers from the book that have aided in my spiritual growth.

Jabez’s Prayer (1 Chronicles 4:10)

Dear God, oh that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil.”

Prayer to keep me from what feels right but is wrong:

“Lord, keep me safe from temptations that pull at my emotions and my physical needs, that call out to my sense of what I deserve, what I have the “right” to feel and enjoy. Because You are the true source of all that is really life direct my steps away from all that is not of You.”

Prayer for protection from Deception

“Lord keep me from making the mistakes I’m most prone to when temptation comes. I confess that what I think is necessary, smart or personally beneficial, is so often only the beautiful wrapping on sin.”

Prayer to be spared from dangerous misjudgments

“Lord, keep me safe from the pain and grief that sin brings. For the dangers that I can’t see, or the ones that I think I can risk because of my experience (pride & carelessness), put up a supernatural barrier. Protect me, Father, by Your power!”

Published by 5thgenerationgirl

Tammy Wynette is a mother of three and a “G-MA” (grandma). Born in Warren, Arkansas, she currently resides in Sacramento, CA and is pursuing an AA degree in English at American River College, with plans to transfer to California State University, Sacramento (Sac State). She is an active leader and role model in her community, she works with teens sharing and teaching poetry, as well as providing insight for young parents to prosper. She has certificate from NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Illness) and is a trailblazer & Griot, keeper of stories/traditions passed down from her ancestors. As an Author and motivational speaker it’d be an honor to present at your events to inspire, encourage & let our VOICES be heard! She has short stories and poems published in Our Black Mothers Brave, Bold and Beautiful!

17 thoughts on “The Prayer of Jabez

  1. I’ve never heard of Jabez either. Thanks for the lesson! And those four prayers are great – in particularly the one about temptation and deception.

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      1. I’m sorry to hear about your struggles Tammy. I know prayer always brings you comfort and perspective and hope the new light carries you through this tough spot.


    1. Awesome perspective! That’s why I enjoy this platform. A wise 4 yr old once told me the same thing, “just talk to him momma”.
      I’m simply enjoying my spiritual journey. Not only strengthening my relation ship, but also going understanding of scriptures along the way that I’ve heard all my life.🥰
      Have a great weekend!

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  2. A very sincere and precious share. I have experienced not knowing how to pray so I would just talk with God in the name of Jesus. I learned that talking with God was sharing and opening up my heart to him. Then as time went on and I grew in faith, I became disciplined offering shared devotional prayers to God. The Prayer of Jabez or added words to Jabez asking of God, is an honorable devotion. Blessed regards.

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