My Most Cherished Possession

The above images are a few of my favorites from childhood through my late teens, once I enrolled in college and introduced to an entire new world of literature I thrived for more. However none can compare to the one book that initiated my love for reading as a whole. The Living Webster Encyclopedic DictionaryContinue reading “My Most Cherished Possession”

Who You Callin’ a B.I.T.C.H. ?

The line may sound familiar if you know about Queen Latifah’s hit song “UNITY”. The “B” word is thrown around all to often in many scenarios. Personally, it’s what I was referred to on a regular from my mother during my childhood. Later it became a common weapon of insult by males (notice I didn’tContinue reading “Who You Callin’ a B.I.T.C.H. ?”

Then and Now: Seven Generations

Some of my posts leave me feeling a bit overwhelmed emotionally. When that happens, my plan to eliminate stress for the following week is usually to share a poem or something less emotional. This week I decided to share photos which I thought would be an easy task, but found myself just as stressed yesterdayContinue reading “Then and Now: Seven Generations”

Revelations of my Ancestors

Many of us, especially in the African American community have family members, usually elders who have taken secrets with them to the grave. I personally never understood why. Did they believe they were protecting us or was it due to shame and stigma? In my day, as children we were told to stay in aContinue reading “Revelations of my Ancestors”