When The Whole World Sings

A commercial jingle of the 1970s inspired a generation. Created as part of Coca Cola’s “The Real Thing” ad campaign, a British group called The New Seekers eventually sang it as a full-length song that climbed to the top of music charts around the world. But many will never forget the original television version sungContinue reading “When The Whole World Sings”


She has always been a hard worker, protective and dedicated numerous achievements, award winner-highly educated. Willing to fight for what she believes in healing pain through her truths energy radiates when she enters-that strength you sense, IS the root. Loving, care-free, ready to dance in any & every city A two-step is not enough- she’llContinue reading “50 YEARS OF FLAVOR”

Finally Whole

(Throwback from 2013. My introduction to Ekphrastic poetry) The woman I am today could not be, without struggles Fortunate to find wisdom, Making it through all life’s troubles. Still learning, each day I become more wise Finding true love in the mirror, I cherish my prize. I’ve always walked with confidence, Filled with much prideContinue reading “Finally Whole”

You Are Who You Are for a Reason

This book has been on my shelf for nearly a year. I’d been wanted to share in the reading with someone else during their spiritual journey who could offer a perspective. We read 1 short chapter daily for the next 40 days, (now on day 6) take notes and then discuss what we gained fromContinue reading “You Are Who You Are for a Reason”

When the Bad Boys Came for Me

It would be great if I were actually talking about Martin and Will as actors but unfortunately, I’m referring to the real bad boys in blue. It was about a month ago when I was standing outside the doctor’s office waiting for medical transport to pick me up after waiting over two hours to beContinue reading “When the Bad Boys Came for Me”

Traveling Mercies

You might start your journey in the southwest United States in a dusty town called Why, Arizona. Heading cross-country would take you through Uncertain, Texas. Bearing northeast, you’d make a rest stop in Dismal, Tennessee. Ultimately, you’d reach your destination—Panic, Pennsylvania. These are real places across the landscape of America, though not likely a tripContinue reading “Traveling Mercies”