The Fruit Sells the Tree

A nursery owner set out to sell peach trees. She considered various approaches. Should she line up leafy saplings in burlap sacks in a beautiful display? Should she create a colorful catalog picturing peach trees in various seasons of growth? At last she realized what really sells a peach tree. It’s the peach it produces:Continue reading “The Fruit Sells the Tree”

Witness Marks

This message spoke volumes to me for several reason. The main reason being that I recall a time when people went above and beyond without motive or expectations of being rewarded, but simply out of kindness and consideration. Even the slightest act of kindness at one time was greatly appreciated and those on the receivingContinue reading “Witness Marks”

Hanging Fire

Featured Poetry of Audre Lorde: An American writer, feminist, librarian and civil rights activist. She was self-described “warrior poet, black lesbian and mother who dedicated both her life and creative talents to confronting and addressing injustices of racism, sexism, class and homophobia”(1934-1992). I am fourteen and my skin has betrayed me    the boy I cannotContinue reading “Hanging Fire”

An Influential Poet

In honor of National Poetry Month, I’d like to introduce those of you who aren’t familiar, to a poet I greatly admire and who has in many ways influenced my writing. Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1950, poet, teacher and activist Carolyn Forché has witnessed, thought about, and put into poetry some of the mostContinue reading “An Influential Poet”

Ecclesiastes 5:2

“Do not be rash with your mouth…“ My spirits have been somewhat broken this week. Something I’ve noticed about myself in the last year are so that for some reason I’ve allowed certain things to get to me in such away they didn’t before, even though what I continue to witness is nothing new. I’veContinue reading “Ecclesiastes 5:2”

Lived Experience (Part 2)

The first time I witnessed someone having an epileptic seizure I was 10 years old. Although never imagining that one day it would be me, I never forgot what I saw. Aside from the woman’s body jerking uncontrollably, what I recall the most is that no one standing around knew what to do to helpContinue reading “Lived Experience (Part 2)”

Lived Experience (Part 1)

Hello everyone, I’ve missed you. Some of your posts along with my “Daily Bread” devotional are a huge part of what helps me get through my days so I’m excited to be back. For those of you who don’t know, last Tuesday I had a “clonic” seizure, more commonly known as “grand mal” which caughtContinue reading “Lived Experience (Part 1)”