Limitless Peaks

My soul cries out yearning for the better me, I know I’m capable of being what I was set on this earth to be. A successful intelligent being overcoming all my misfortunes, at times I feel trapped inside a fire that’s scorching. Faced with adversity my mission is triumph, resilence is an attribute my ancestorsContinue reading “Limitless Peaks”

My Blogging Journey

I decided years ago to no longer allow myself to be overcome by fear. My eleven year old grandson has always encouraged me to not only embrace, but also utilize the world of technology which I’d intentionally made every effort to avoid (including cell phones). After seeing my progress since launching my blog on MarchContinue reading “My Blogging Journey”

“The Crooked Room”

Being in a position of leadership for many companies where I was employed, led me to find this book very interesting. Although I was the “boss”, there seemed to always be some degree of uncomfortability and I didn’t understand why. Later, realizing I’d been fighting for an upright position in not only the work place,Continue reading ““The Crooked Room””

12 Hour Shift

She makes adjustments Those that occupy me May now stand at attention Playing peek-a-boo Often saluting on-lookers Can’t find a quality me at Wally World Nor the swap meets 12 hour shifts Don’t mind the job so much They depend on me for help Carrying what feels like tons Thank God for the cut backsContinue reading “12 Hour Shift”

5th Generation Girl

From my mother To my mother’s father From his mother and father and their parents, my Great-Greats Lydia and Derry During a time when couples stayed married To Big Mamma 4ft 2, 104lbs, still the strongest woman I’ve known Bore 12 to help work the fields From slavery to pickin’ cotton Boys plowin’ da fields,Continue reading “5th Generation Girl”


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