Mother’s Day Reflection

During the weeks before; as Mother’s Day was approaching, I couldn’t help but think about all the people I know who unfortunately no longer have their moms. I’m not sure why my thoughts became so overwhelming nor why I, for a moment felt guilty to still have my mother here. Friday before Mother’s Day wasContinue reading “Mother’s Day Reflection”


(From Our Daily Bread Devotional 4-19-2023) For many around the world, life is getting lonelier. The number of Americans who have no friends has quadrupled since 1990. Certain European countries have up to 20 percent of their population feeling lonely, while in Japan, some elderly folks have resorted to crime so they can have theContinue reading “Rent-a-Friend”


Confused by the title? Well, it’s pronounced exactly like it’s spelled but obviously not an actual word. You see, my mother has this thing where either she made up words or simply due to lack of education and not very efficient when it comes to reading, writing and spelling. “Bottom-sized-up-us” is one of many madeContinue reading “Bottomsizedupus”

Finding Strength in God

(Devotional from Our Daily Bread April 3rd, 2023) Soccer player Christian Pulisic faced several injuries that influenced his career. After learning he wouldn’t be in the starting lineup of the Champions League semifinals game, he was disappointed, but he described how God had revealed Himself to him. “As always, I reach out to God, andContinue reading “Finding Strength in God”

Spiritual Renewal

(The “Our Daily Bread” topic for Tuesday March 23, 2023) Chinese medicine has practiced pearl powder exfoliation for thousands of years, using ground pearls to scrub away dead cells resting at the top of the skin. In Romania, rejuvenating therapeutic mud has become a widely sought-after exfoliant that’s purported to make skin youthful and glowing.Continue reading “Spiritual Renewal”