Then and Now: Seven Generations

Some of my posts leave me feeling a bit overwhelmed emotionally. When that happens, my plan to eliminate stress for the following week is usually to share a poem or something less emotional. This week I decided to share photos which I thought would be an easy task, but found myself just as stressed yesterdayContinue reading “Then and Now: Seven Generations”

Revelations of my Ancestors

Many of us, especially in the African American community have family members, usually elders who have taken secrets with them to the grave. I personally never understood why. Did they believe they were protecting us or was it due to shame and stigma? In my day, as children we were told to stay in aContinue reading “Revelations of my Ancestors”

Difficult Decisions of a Mother

My most cherished position in life has always been motherhood. Once I became a mother, I prayed for wisdom, especially with regards to making the best decisions for my children. Never did I imagine soon after giving birth to my second daughter that I’d be faced with the toughest decision of my life thus far.Continue reading “Difficult Decisions of a Mother”

Social Disintegration of Society (In the Present) Through the Eyes of Emile Durkheim

According to “Ritzer’s” Introduction of Sociology, Durkheim believed that the educational system should provide individuals with training for life in a broader society. He taught sociology of morality in hopes of the moral system being passed on to young people. His perspective was that society is held together by mechanical solidarity (a social/moral consensus). TheContinue reading “Social Disintegration of Society (In the Present) Through the Eyes of Emile Durkheim”

In The Presence Of An Angel

As a single mother I often felt guilty wondering if I was neglecting my children by working so much. Looking back, I some how managed to always have the weekends off and fortunate enough to keep a schedule during their school hours which meant having dinner together every evening as a family. Once my oldestContinue reading “In The Presence Of An Angel”

My Blogging Journey

I decided years ago to no longer allow myself to be overcome by fear. My eleven year old grandson has always encouraged me to not only embrace, but also utilize the world of technology which I’d intentionally made every effort to avoid (including cell phones). After seeing my progress since launching my blog on MarchContinue reading “My Blogging Journey”