This Bridge Called My Back

Donna Kate Rushin, better known as Kate Rushin is a lesbian poet. Her prefatory poem, “The Bridge Poem”, to the 1981 collection, “The Bridge Called My Back”, is considered iconic. I’m sharing this poem for those who may not be familiar with it because I recall a time many years ago when the lines resonatedContinue reading “This Bridge Called My Back”

The Potter’s Wheel

INSIGHT Jeremiah used the analogy of the potter and clay to illustrate God’s freedom to judge and restore His people. Even if God promised that a nation would be “built up and planted” (Jeremiah 18:9), that didn’t mean a nation should become complacent and arrogant, for God is free to respond to unrepentant sin with judgmentContinue reading “The Potter’s Wheel”

Dealing With Disagreement

Daily Devotional (Jan. 6th, 2022) The social media powerhouse Twitter created a platform where people all over the world express opinions in short sound bites. In recent years, however, this formula has become more complex as individuals have begun to leverage Twitter as a tool to reprimand others for attitudes and lifestyles they disagree with.Continue reading “Dealing With Disagreement”

Fictive Kinship

Fictive Kinship: The bonding of people who demonstrate concern, affection and responsibility for one another; although they are not related biologically or through marriage. Never would I claim to know “everything”; however, I do believe it is my responsibility to nurture and educate by sharing what I do know. Life’s experiences are necessary so thatContinue reading “Fictive Kinship”

A Mother’s Worth…

…was in a tiny bottle elegant haze of deep, deep, blue brought back from her travels to France. Young as she was, married as she was to a hard-headed, too-self assured man, mother as she was to 4 back-to-back kids, she found herself in Paris all on her own by accident and she smiled, didContinue reading “A Mother’s Worth…”